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Jacqueline Cullen | Whitby jet jewellery London

Whitby jet is a prehistoric black fossil circa 180 million years old. Jacqueline has developed innovative processes that celebrate the inherent flaws and inclusions of Whitby jet to create her iconic jewellery collections.

Diverse inspiration - iconic design

Whitby jet double-sided Pyramid earrings with black diamonds

Whitby jet double-sided Pyramid earrings with black diamonds


Jacqueline Cullen creates darkly sensual contemporary whitby jet jewellery, which seduces with its luxurious cascades of diamonds flowing from hand carved fissures or glittering diamond coated panels that highlight the drama found between light and shade.

With diverse inspiration ranging from the clean structural lines of modernist
architecture to a placid sky ripped open by a slash of lightening, Jacqueline's iconic collections have found favour with fashionistas and collectors around the world.